ٍSur Tourism

Sur Tourism , represented by the Tourism Department in the South Eastern Province, organized yesterday the Na`ma Beach in the wilayat of Tire holiday activities that come within the activities implemented by the Ministry of Tourism in the various governorates of the Sultanate to celebrate the glorious National Day

Sur Tourism

The eventof Sur Tourism was sponsored by His Excellency Jihad Bin Abdullah Al Fana Al Araimi, member of the Shura Council, representative of the Wilayat of Tire, in the presence of Saud bin Hamad bin Muslim Al Alawi, Director of the Department of Tourism in the Southeast and a large gathering of citizens, residents and tourists.
The events included performances of horses and sailing boats, in addition to folklore, poetry, and the return of the sailor, in cooperation with the municipality of Tire, the Tire Equestrian Club, and the Amman Sailing School with pictures and folk teams in the state.

The events of Sur Tourism started with horse shows, presenting the art of humble, crossbreed, horseback and paddle and horse tame in which 60 horsemen participated, and attendees also followed the painting The Return of the Seas, which embodied part of the maritime history of the state of Tire, especially during the reception of ships coming from travel and their arrival at the port of Tire Bakhour Al-Batah, where it represents entry The ship, Khor Al-Batah, with Nakhudhah and Sailors on board. It was received by 23 boats of the youth of the Oman Sailing School, with pictures carrying the flags of the Sultanate and pictures of His Majesty and the ship was escorted to the shore. Folk art teams consisting of 30 people, men, women and children, received the ship with Nakhudhah and the sailors on board and the ship’s wedding To the concert site, the popular teams continue to present their folk and marine arts, and the event concluded with honoring the participating parties and cooperation and offering a souvenir to the event sponsor.

The event aimed to stimulate the economic and tourism movement in the governorate, which is characterized by the diversity of tourist attractions, such as marine, desert, mountainous and natural, and the presence of heritage vocabulary, villages, historical neighborhoods and city centers that were famous in the past, in addition to highlighting the Sultanate’s elements in general and promoting it and keeping abreast of developments in the tourism and investment sector at the level of the countries of the region And highlight the most important of those tourist attractions that the governorate enjoys and strive to find constructive cooperation between the various public and private entities involved in organizing activities and events that vary between cultural, tourism and recreational activities.